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JOOS® is a fast, easy and innovative way to bring content creators and their fans together.
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Be independent …like really

Get your payouts anytime. No need to wait until it adds up or until the end of month. Your transactions are blockchain based and therefore safer than they’ve ever been: Decentralized and tamper-proof.


Face Scan

Find and get found

Present what you love most not only to your fans. Show it to people who are actively looking for new creators to support. Our tools connect the digital world with the analog world. Imagine: You're a street musician and your audience takes a picture of you with our app. JOOS shows them all your content. Plus, they can support you instantly by making a donation. Easy. Peasy.


Single point of content

Your content in one place

Community management can be a pain. None of the media platforms are exactly brilliant for content hosting AND fan interaction. And there's too many of them. Keep uploading your content on your usual platform, but use JOOS for payments and direct community building & ownership.


Creator Investment

Be your own start-up and take it to the next level: Sell a micro amount of next year's income to investors and fans in exchange for immediate funding:

Your own terms

You are the decision maker Nobody - including JOOS can manipulate or censor transactions between platform users. That is not just our promise but a technical law constituted by blockchain architecture.

Community Network

A lot of creators need assistance with the same topics: Self-marketing or legal things for example. You’re not only a fan but also a marketing expert? Or maybe a designer, a lawyer or an experienced creator who has seen it all before?


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